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nora® Aero sorb W

light-weight expanded rubber cushioning sheets, trimmed edges.

Product Information

Extremely soft material with delayed recovery characteristics and closed cell structure

nora® Aero sorb is a new type of material which is extremely soft and shock -absorbing in equal measure due to its markedly delayed
recovery character istics. This makes nora® Aero sorb suitable for installation in areas that have to remain free of pressure points or
where pressure from concentrated loads has to be distributed as evenly as possible.

nora® Aero sorb is a light cellular rubber with a unique composition of properties whose absorbent characteristics can make it ideal
for reducing pain. The closed cell structure prevents wound secretion and sweat, and thus germs, bacteria and fungi, from penetrating the material. Secretions adhering to the surface can be hygienically removed using commercially available disinfectants.


Softness: W = soft
Density: 0.15 g/cm³
Format: 820 x 580 mm // 32.3″ x 22.8″
Colours and Thicknesses:
325 pastel green    2|3|4|6 mm
338 slate

Intended applications:
butterfly soles, butterfly relief, haglund heel cushioning, cushioning layer for diabetes-adapted footbed, heel spur cavities for heel spur insoles, concentrated pressure relief and cushioning in orthotics and prosthetics.


 < Extremely soft
 < Bedding and absorbent properties at the same time
 < Delayed recovery capability
 < Shock-absorbing
 < Outstanding bedding characteristics for distributing pressure
 < Thermoformable at a processing temperature of approx. 110° – 130° C // 230° – 266° F.
 < Hygienic & disinfectable due to the closed cell structure
<  Skin tolerability tested and certified by the Institute Dermatest
 < Excellent bonding properties

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