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nora® Lunatec combi 2

EVA expanded sheets, trimmed edges

Product Information

nora® Lunatec combi is an innovative product development in composite sheets: two or three different materials are vulcanised together already during the manufacturing process and guarantee secure strength, without any bonding.

nora® Lunatec combi is the ideal basis for the manufacture of foot beddings and insoles in orthopaedic shoe engineering. Permanently bonded and these are your benefits:
 < No gluing required.
 < No displacement of the different materials when processing.
 < A higher retention of volume because you save at least one deep drawing.
<  The composite sheets are thermoformable between 120° – 130° C // 248° – 266° F.
< No bubble formation at the joints and no hardening because of the adhesive film.


nora® Lunairflex bedding cushioning properties
Hardness: 22 Shore A
Density: 0.12 g/cm3
Colour and Thickness:
07 flesh colour       6 mm

nora® Lunasoft SLW permanently resilient cushioning properties
Hardness: 30 Shore A
Density: 0.20 g/cm3
Colour and Thickness:
17 grey beige       10 mm

Intended applications:
basis for orthopaedic foot beddings, in particular diabetes-adapted foot beddings with bedding and at the same time permanently resilient function. Suitable for moderate stress given sensitive feet (e.g. geriatric foot), rheumatism, and advanced-stage diabetes.


Benefit from the efficient insole manufacture thanks to time and cost savings.

In orthopaedics shoe engineering, different material combinations are used depending on diagnosis, symptoms, and weight of the patients. We already vulcanised a lot of different combinations of materials with bedding, permanently resilient, or stabilising functions for you. And you decide which composite sheet is suitable for the individual patient and which materials are to be added to guarantee an ideal treatment of the patient.

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