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nora® Lunatec combi T1

EVA expanded sheets, trimmed edges

Product Information

The 3-layer composite sheet nora® Lunatec combi T1 is a material which is above all specifically suitable for the treatment of rheumatics and clinical pictures with especially sensitive feet. The special feature of nora® Lunatec combi T1 is the softness of its centre layer.

Embedded in two harder layers, it minimises the occurring shear forces with every foot strike which leads to ease of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to the special structure of this composite sheet, it offers excellent cushioning and damping properties in the horizontal load plane. This effect is the result of the layers being vulcanised. The materials with different hardness’s were fused in a smooth transition and there are no bonded layers which could interfere negatively with this function.


nora® Lunasoft SLW

Hardness: 30 Shore A
Density: 0.20 g/cm3
Colour: 80 anthracite
Thickness: 3 mm

nora® Lunasoft Z

Hardness: 25 Shore A
Density: 0.17 g/cm3
Colour: 307 medium grey
Thickness: 4 mm

nora® Lunasoft AL

Hardness: 52 Shore A
Density: 0.26 g/cm3
Colour: 09 white
Thickness: 8 mm


Intended applications:
orthopaedic foot beddings with excellent cushioning and damping properties in the horizontal load plane, specifically for rheumatics and clinical pictures with sensitive feet. Depending on the difficulty and the type of the treatment, nora® Lunatec combi T1 can be supplemented by a further solid stabilising material such as e.g. Norit, Lunacell, or Lunalight.

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