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nora® Lunatec motion 20

Soft EVA material absorbs shearing forces.

Product Information

We are constantly on the move: walking, running, jumping, standing, which means a lot of pressure and straining on our feet and joints. Every step subjects them to compressive, impact, and shearing forces that must be reduced, above all for patients with painful foot or joint diseases, e.g. rheumatism. Developed specifically for this purpose, the new EVA material Lunatec motion has been developed to reduce shearing forces caused by walking, and remove a large part of the load of the musculoskeletal system, and therefore the pain.

To provide a better treatment for patients with a weight of over 100 kg, there is now a firmer version available, the Lunatec motion 20. With approx. 20 Shore A and a density of 0,18 g/cm³, it absorbs shear forces with every footstep and ensures ease of the musculoskeletal system.

nora® Lunatec motion 20 bedding cushioning properties:

Colour: 17 grey beige
Hardness: approx. 20 Shore A
Density: approx. 0,18 g/cm³
Format: approx. 830 x 615 mm
Thicknesses: 2 | 3 | 4 | 6 | 8 mm


Intended applications: for foot orthotics and damping in inner shoes, as a top layer or for pressure relief, most of all for patients with painful foot or joint diseases like rheumatism or for sensitive diabetic feet. As cushioning in classic orthoses and as a functional lining on support orthoses and corsets. It reduces pain through minimising shear forces, making it ideal for pressure sensitive areas.


  • Properties: absorbs shearing forces and has soft bedding properties.
  • Can reduce pain and allows for new trust with every footstep.
  • Excellent bedding and damping properties in the horizontal load plane.
  • Closed cell structure, durable and hygienically washable.
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