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nora® Lunatur 18 Walnut

EVA expanded lift sheets, smooth

Product Information

The annual global production of walnuts is about 1.5 million tonnes, and rising. They taste good, and their health benefits are well-known. Compared with other nuts, the walnut has the highest content of an omega 3 fatty acid beneficial to the heart as well as valuable constituents like zinc, magnesium, iron, potassium, and many vitamins. The nuts are also said to have a prophylactic effect on diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer.

So what actually happens to the tonnes of shells encasing these valuable nuts?
In regard to the sustainable and ecologically aware refinement of its EVA products, nora has made use of this valuable product to develop a range of materials that can be used to manufacture orthotics or insoles of great ecological value …

The products in the nora® Lunatur Walnut range consist for a large part of finely ground walnut shells. We therefore use a natural,
renewable raw material without interfering with the food chain. The goal of this development was to make practical use of a natural waste product and refine the EVA material with a valuable natural resource. The outcome are high quality EVA materials of different properties that also generate a comfortable foot climate.



Hardness: 18 Shore A bedding cushioning properties
Density: 0.12 g/cm³
Format: 980 x 640 mm // 38.6″ x 25.2″
Colour and Thicknesses:
340 nut-brown   2|3|4|6|8 mm


The material’s closed cell structure prevents wound secretion and sweat, and thus germs, bacteria, and fungi, from penetrating the material. Secretions adhering to the surface can therefore be hygienically removed with a commercially available disinfectant.

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