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Reverse Morton’s Extension / PMP Pads

PMP Pads have been developed to allow clinicians to add a reverse Morton’s extension to a TalarMade Foot Orthosis or a custom made device.

Product Information

Foot Orthosis Additions

TalarMade have developed a unique range of Planter Surface Additions to customise pre-fabricated and custom made Foot Orthoses.

MicroGrip fastening

MicroGrip, developed by TalarMade, has multiple short hooks which lock into the microfiber top cover of the insole. MicroGrip allows pads to be easily removed and reapplied, to ensure the optimum position and functionality of the surface addition without slippage.

Self-adhesive fastening

All of TalarMade surface additions are also available with self adhesive option allowing them to be applied to footwear, vinyls, leather, foams, EVA, composites and thermoplastics.


• Injection moulded polyeurethane (A30 shore)
• Easily trimmed
• 2 methods of fixation
– Microgrip secure but adjustable fixation on microfibre top covers
– Self-adhesive for use on vinyls, plastics, composites, foams and directly into footwear
• Compatible with all TalarMade foot orthoses


Indications for use:
• Offloading 1st MTP/Ray
• Plantarfasciitis
• Peroneal tendinopathy
• Functional Hallux Limitus
• Sesamoiditis

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