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Superflex Plus Insoles

Product Information

The TalarMade Superflex Plus Insoles have a strengthened design that provides firm support to the arch, helping to reduce pain and promote greater comfort in the area.


Professionally designed as a viable alternative to custom made orthoses, the TalarMade Superflex Plus Insoles feature a moulded design that provides excellent support. The insoles cup your heel and also offer generous support of the longitudinal arch, helping to add stability to weak or injured feat as well as alleviating pain.

The TalarMade Superflex Plus Insoles also feature an outer perforated layer allows that allows for air circulation and improved shoe hygiene. This means that you can use the shoe for protracted periods without having to worry as much about bad odours and hygiene.

TalarMade Superflex Plus Insoles are available in five different sizes that should suit your regular shoes (eliminating the need to buy a bigger pair for accommodation).

1. Extra Small – UK Shoe Size 2.5 – 4
2. Small – UK Shoe Size 4.5 – 6
3. Medium – UK Shoe Size 6.5 – 8
4. Large – UK Shoe Size 8.5 – 10
5. Extra Large – UK Shoe Size 10.5 – 12


TalarMade Superflex Plus Insoles have been designed for people who have injured or weaker feet, specifically in the arch area. By providing excellent arch support, the Superflex Plus insoles can help to alleviate arch pain and also help deal with general foot fatigue.

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