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Superflex Ultra Insoles

Product Information

The strong TalarMade Superflex Ultra Insoles have been designed to withstand high amounts of impact without lessening in quality. This is ideal for people who live an active life, as you can be sure that your insoles are as tough as you


The TalarMade Superflex Ultra Insoles feature a stronger support of the foot provided by an additional compact outer layer. This is what makes the insole so highly resistant and what makes it suitable for heavy activity, ensuring that it will take longer to deteriorate than similarly purposed insoles.

The TalarMade Superflex Ultra Insoles are available in five different sizes:

1. Extra Small – UK Shoe Size 2.5 – 4
2. Small – UK Shoe Size 4.5 – 6
3. Medium – UK Shoe Size 6.5 – 8
4. Large – UK Shoe Size 8.5 – 10
5. Extra Large – UK Shoe Size 10.5 – 12


Designed to be hardwearing in the toughest of situations, the TalarMade Superflex Ultra Insoles are ideal for people who are dealing with vigorous activity on a regular basis.

The Superflex Ultra target areas of your foot that need support and help to fight the general foot fatigue that can accompany an active lifestyle.

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