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Neurotec Orthotics

Neurotec is designed to give support under the medial arch and the peroneal notch, which gives stability to the subtalar joint and destabilises inversion and eversion.

The metatarsal head arch stabilises the forefoot and offloads the metatarsal heads in the forefoot. The heel cup stabilises the heel and the tor crest doriflexes the toes to improve tone.

Product Information

There are 4 reflexes which can be elicited in infants, 1) The Tow grasp 2) Inversion 3) Eversion 4) Dorsiflexion. In many children with neurological deficit such as cerebral palsy, one or more of these reflexes may persist in response to superficial stimulation.

Habitual reflex induced deformities may become fixed and muscles may become hypertonic, creating balance problems.

If these reflexes continue unopposed they can cause spastic deformity. Orthotic Management is based around stimulating the reflexes which act against the deforming reflexes.


  • Each pair is supplied with 4 degree adhesive backed medial posts
  • 1mm adhesive backed EVA build up material


  • Mid neurological deficit affecting the foot
  • Habitual reflex deformities
  • Hypertonic muscle imbalance
This product is only available to Healthcare Professionals.
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