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CarboFlex Airback LSO Back Support

Product Information

When patients present chronic or acute problems in the lumbo-sacral region, proper bracing and stabilisation is in many cases critical to a successful recovery. The CarboFlex Airback LSO Back Support is a lightweight lumbo-sacral orthosis that provides highly effective immobilisation and support for a variety of back injuries and conditions. Featuring an inflatable back pack/posterior bladder that reduces pressure on the spine, the CarboFlex Airback LSO places the spine in an ideal neutral position, giving injuries the space and time they require to heal on their own.

Inflatable Air Bladder
Built on the framework of the standard CarboFlex LSO, the Airback additionally features an inflatable posterior air bladder for additional support and stability. With bilateral air chambers that provide improved comfort, the CarboFlex Airback is even more ergonomic than the standard CarboFlex. The air bladder can be inflated or deflated in order to suit patient requirements, enabling precise fitting.


  • Lightweight carbon effect neutral skeletal spinal shell
  • Inflatable back pack/posterior bladder that reduces pressure on the spine
  • Bilateral air chambers for improved stability and comfort
  • Can be inflated or deflated to suit patient requirements, enabling precise fitting
  • Anterior flexible abdominal compression pad with double sided touch close strap adjustment
  • Removable, washable Coolmax liner to ensure patient comfort
  • Replacement liner, strap kit and abdominal pad available


The CarboFlex Airback LSO is ideal for:

  • Degenerative disorders
  • L2-S1 stable fracture management
  • Lumbar spondylolisthesis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Post operative rehabilitation
  • Pre/post operative stabilisation
  • Prolapsed disc
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