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Triple Action® Ankle Joint With Y-Stirrup

Product Information

The Triple Action Stance/Swing Control Ankle Joint is designed to provide highly adjustable control of the lower extremity during both the stance and swing phases of gait.

The component excels in the treatment of complex neuromuscular disorders. Alignment, plantarflexion resist, and dorsiflexion resist are independently adjustable, which help to simplify optimization. The component delivers high resistance, permitting mobilization of the ankle through both the stance and swing phases of gait.

The Triple Action should be considered for patients with combined ankle and knee deficits, as well as patients with clinical presentations that may change over time, as with recovery or progression of a neuromuscular disorder.

This new and innovative component has high stiffness in the coronal and transverse planes, intended for individuals with neuromuscular pathologies the increased range of adjustability coupled with an independent alignment feature allows the clinician to optimise biomechanical control of lower extremity joint segments through all phases of the gait cycle.

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• Independent adjustment of:

– Plantarflexion resistance/ROM

– Dorsiflexion resistance/ROM

– Ankle alignment

• Two plantarflexion spring options (standard and high resistance springs, included)

• Alignment feature adjusts for:

– Toe clearance in swing

– Foot position at initial contact

– Shoe heel height



• Lower extremity gait deficits as a result of:

– Stroke

– Incomplete spinal cord injury

– Post-Polio syndrome

– Cerebral palsy

– Femoral nerve injury


• Patient weight greater than 100kg (220lbs)

• Profound knee and/or hip extensor weakness

• Profound hip flexor weakness

• Genu recurvatum greater than 10˚

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